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Yoga Mat Cleaner

Below is a recipe for a DIY yoga mat cleaner that I’ve made with my yoga students. The same blend can also be used as a scented spray for rooms, linens or your body.

Scented WItch Hazel Spray
Tinted glass jar with spray top

1 part witch hazel

3 parts water

essential oils
1. Start with a glass jar that is tinted in color. The tinted glass will prevent light from damaging the quality of the essential oils. Glass is preferable to plastic because essential oils can cause plastic to break down.

2. Fill the bottle 3/4-of-the-way with water and 1/4-of-the-way with witch hazel. You may wish to use distilled water as it is cleaner than tap water and will ensure that the spray lasts longer. Witch hazel can be easily found at the drug store in liquid form.

3. Add your choice of essential oils. I add five drops of each chosen oil to a 2-ounce bottle.
~Tea tree oil is a great addition if the spray is being used as a cleanser, and tea tree combines well with lavender or eucalyptus.
~For a powerful, mind-clearing blend try adding sandalwood, patchouli and cloves.
~For a light and calming scent try using lavender on its own.

4. Shake bottle well before using as oils tend to float at the top. Use spray as needed.
~To use as a yoga mat cleaner, spray all over mat and wipe with a paper towel or towel. Let air dry.
~For home use spray on curtains, towels, pillows or in the air.
~Spray on wrists, elbows neck or chest for a gentle body spray.