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I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want summer to end! That’s why I am saving some of summers sunflowers and making them into a special wreath so I can see them everyday after fall and winter have come.

Adding a small, plain wreath from a craft store, a glue gun and some tulle for string I re-created the sunflower with it’s dried yellow petals and green ring (called the calyx).

To make your own, gently pluck the petals from a sunflower once a few naturally start falling off. Save them in a basket and shake every day until they dry. Take off the green trim behind the yellow petals and do the same to dry. Glue the dried yellow petals on one side of the wreath and green pieces on the other. Loop some tulle around one end and hang your “sunflower” on a wall.  

In a few weeks, summer’s flowers will return to the earth to be planted and grown again next year. Since sunflowers capture the essence of the season, having their sun-like colors and shape around will be a great reminder of the summer months and the magical and cyclical rhythms of Mother Earth.


Summer is here. We want to be in the sun and to celebrate…with a drink!

Here are some facts about staying hydrated even with the heat and some celebratory drinks.

Dehydration can start when more than 1 to 2 alcoholic drinks or more than 250 to 300 mg of caffeine are consumed. This is the equivalent of 2 to 4 cups of coffee, three espressos, 5 cups of tea or a dozen cups of green tea. Drinks that hydrate are beverages without caffeine or added sugar including herbal teas, seltzer and of course, water itself.

Try this recipe for a super simple and refreshing sparkling strawberry mint limeade drink. It makes one 12 ounce glass but  you can make a larger amount in a pitcher and multiply as needed for friends, family and guests.

I am currently taking a break from teaching my Tuesday evening Vinyasa flow classes. New Leaf yoga and Pilates studio will still be running a class on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning outside in Prospect Park.

I will continue to run my Wednesday evening Restorative class at 7:30 PM throughout the summer. See you there!

Visit to find out more and to register.

Learn how Mother Nature keeps us hydrated and healthy throughout the seasons.  These quick tips focus on hot summers and fresh berries with fun ideas for staying hydrating and reaping the benefits no matter where you are.

We’ll be indulging in cooling food, drinks and activities with gentle yoga, nature walks under giant trees and kayaking on the lake at my very special Summer Retreat happening at the end of August. ¬†Visit for more details.

What’s your favorite healthy summer drink?