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Rasperry Leaves for Women’s Health

I’m sure you’ve heard that raspberries are good for you, but have you ever tried consuming raspberry leaves?


You won’t want to eat them outright (they’ve got thorns to discourage you from that!) but they make a great tasty and medicinal tea.


You can buy raspberry leaf tea at a health food store, or collect some leaves to steep on your own if you are sure the plant you’ve found is a raspberry bush. (Blackberry leaves have the same medicinal properties.) If you’d like to use the leaves as a medicine more than as a soothing drink, you can also make or buy a tincture, a sugar or alcohol that the leaf was soaked in for an extended amount of time.


Raspberry leaf is a great remedy to turn to if you’re experiencing menstrual cramps and discomfort. You can also take it more regularly as a supportive herb for women’s health. Try taking it right before your period starts and again two weeks later. Use it as needed for menstrual cramps and see how it works for you.