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This February, my boyfriend Greg Heffernan and I joined forces to lead a special Valentine’s Day partners yoga class with live cello. Our intention was to help couples connect more to each other through music and yoga. Everyone left smiling and Greg and I felt more connected, too! During the class, we read two poems that helped inspire us. See if they move you, too. :-)

The Charge of the Lord of the Dance 

From The Body Sacred by Dianne Sylvan

Whenever the voice of the earth is lifted in song, whenever your soul aches for union, call my name – I am Lord of the Dance and I am the wild tribal beat of your heart.

Free the serpents of your spine, delight in your earthly senses – for yesterday as a lesson learned, tomorrow is yet unwritten, and only in the present moment can you feel my rhythm. My music is the turn of the seasons; my lyric is the endless cycle of days.

I am the stolen kiss, the gaze across a crowded room, the tangle of limbs the morning after. When you learn to love with a whole heart and live your deepest passion, you will know and never fear darkness – for I am the shadow that follows the flame, the far side of the sun, and the most desperate desire of your heart.

I am the tremor of the thunderdrum and the graceful moonlit flight of a stag – I dare you to stand up and not to stand aside. I am the first step of the thousand, the sweat of a thousand more, and the courage to move at all. I bring the ecstasy of the unchained soul found only through the ecstasy of the body.

Wherever you gather in the love of nature, I rejoice among you. Whenever you honor the spirit within, whenever you dance the dance that is yours alone, you do so at my fire. I am Lord of the dance – take my hand and step into the rhythm of the infinite.

All the world is a dance.


I call upon the Lover

From The Body Sacred by Dianne Sylvan

I call upon the Lover

I call upon the fire

I call upon the heartbeat

I call upon desire

I call upon the moonrise

I call upon the tide

I call to you, beloved

I call you to my side.

On this last day of winter, I am reflecting on how different things feel outside-and-in when winter turns to spring. I’m feeling ready to be more physically active outdoors after an introspective season spent mainly inside. Here’s a song that I’m using this week at the end of my yoga classes to appreciate that winter has passed and look forward to all that comes with spring. 

Luluc – Winter is Passing (listen here)